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Why Choose ACMA?

Why choose ACMA?

ACMA members benefit from a quality and efficient service provided by an independent world-class fleet, with its facilities dedicated to the sole use of the ACMA members. With no pressure to show a profit on such activities, ACMA is a genuinely cooperative organization which can concentrate solely on the interests of its members. Among the many benefits are:
  • A fleet dedicated to the maintenance of members’ cables.
  • Best in class KPIs with suitably strong LDs
  • Outside work, if approved by the CMG, brings rebate to the members
  • ACMA vessels staffed 24/7 with dedicated repair teams
  • Collective power of the Contract Management Group to enforce KPIs
  • Control of Vessel Location
  • Control of when repairs take place
  • Maintenance & Improvement of Agreement cables at a vastly reduced cost when compared with the rates charged on the open market.
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