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What is ACMA?

ACMA is a non-profit cooperative subsea maintenance agreement consisting of 57 members. These are predominantly telecoms operators, but some power cable and Oil & Gas companies are also members.

The purpose of the Agreement is for the Repair and Maintenance and Improvement of the subsea cables that have entered through their respective company membership and covers the complete requirements for submarine telecommunications cable maintenance from beach joint to beach joint, inclusive of depot services for the storage of spare cable and equipment.

The current ACMA commenced on 1st January 2017 and has just been extended, terminating on 31st December 2025.

How do I become a member of ACMA?

Please go to the Contact form or contact the ACMA Chairman who can provide more information on the benefits of joining ACMA and on the entry process.

Mr Alasdair Wilkie
CTO Marine
Digicel Caribbean Limited
Phone: +1 758 730 5555
Email: chairman@acma2017.com

What are the benefits of being a member of ACMA?
  • Fleet dedicated to the maintenance of members’ cables
  • Best in class KPIs with suitably strong LDs
  • Outside work, if approved by the CMG, brings rebate to the members
  • ACMA vessels staffed 24/7 with dedicated repair teams
  • Collective power of the Contract Management Group to enforce KPIs
  • Control of Vessel Location
  • Control of when repairs take place
  • Maintenance & Improvement of Agreement cables at a vastly reduced cost when compared with the rates charged on the open market

How much will my membership cost?

Fixed Annual Costs
  • Membership Fee per MA - $8,000 per annum. This covers common functions such as CBB, CMG, SBB, Chairmen etc
  • Individual cable cost is calculated based on cable length pro-rated over total number of Agreement kms and an estimate of the cost for your respective cable(s) can be provided upon making a formal enquiry to the ACMA MC Chairman.
  • A 50% discount is applied to any cable length that is in excess of 3,700 kms from its nearest base port.
  • Cables costs may reduce as new cables enter the Agreement
Repair Costs

An estimate of the applicable repair costs that will be incurred when utilizing a vessel can be provided when making a formal enquiry to the ACMA MC Chairman.

How many members does ACMA have?

There are presently 57 members, predominantly telecoms but also some power cables and Oil & Gas companies.

See members for a list
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