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C.S. Pierre De Fermat

C.S. Pierre De Fermat
Based at Brest, France, operated by Orange Marine
C.S. PIERRE DE FERMAT is based in Brest, France and operated by Orange Marine. Measuring 100.1 m in length and 21.5 m in breadth the ship is intended for subsea cable maintenance and installation, including power cables, in Atlantic Ocean.

The PIERRE DE FERMAT has numerous advanced features included low resistance hull designed for speed and low fuel consumption in hard weather conditions. The DP2 powerful propulsion secures high levels of sea keeping capabilities, making it possible to turn the ship over 180 degrees with 2 knots of currents and 40 knots of wind without losing position. Passive stabilization tanks help preventing the ship from rolling. Power is provided by 4 generator sets developing 2250 kWe each. The ship is also designed with two main cable tanks and one spare tank offering 2300 Tons of storage capacity.

The vessel is environmentally friendly, enabling high reduction of harmful emissions, waste storage solutions, water ballast treatment, eco-subsea coating and shore power supply. A 300 kW work class ROV (HECTOR 7) is stored in a hangar and operates down to 2000 m. The CS PIERRE DE FERMAT is fully equipped to detect, cut, hold, retrieve and rebury submarine cables. She carries the equipment necessary (ropes, stoppers, grapnels, buoys, etc.) to repair all types of cable laid in the ACMA zone.
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