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ACMA Services

ACMA provides cable repair and maintenance & improvement services to cables covered under the Agreement. It covers the complete requirements for submarine telecommunications cable maintenance from beach joint to beach joint (but excluding the beach joint itself) and includes depot services such as storage of spare cable and equipment. ACMA Service Providers also provide optional services including Cable Charting, Land Cable Repairs and Cable Protection services.

Our Process

ACMA Agreement

Sets out the terms and conditions governing the relationship amongst the ACMA Parties as well as the operating procedures necessary to carry out the purpose of the Agreement. Changes to the Agreement can be made by a qualified majority of ACMA Parties.

Service Contract

Sets out the terms and conditions governing the relationship between the Service Suppliers and the ACMA Parties for the maintenance of ACMA Cables.


Please contact us via the Contact page or contact the ACMA Chairman who can provide more information on the benefits of joining ACMA and on the entry process.

Mr Alasdair Wilkie
CTO Marine
Digital Caribbean Limited
Phone: +1 758 730 5555
Email: chairman@acma2017.com


A cable may only be withdrawn from ACMA during the Agreement term if it is formally withdrawn from operational service.

How does ACMA operate?

All ACMA Cable Maintenance Authorities have a seat on the Management Committee (MC)

The MC makes decisions on:
  • Outside work requests
  • Membership requests
  • Changes to the Agreement
  • Budget changes
  • Membership of the subgroups
The MC delegates some responsibility to the following:
  • Marketing Group (MG) for advertising and negotiations with new members
  • Contract Management Group (CMG) for overseeing the Service Contract
  • Schedule B Bureau (SBB) for upkeep of the cost allocation schedule (Schedule B)
  • Central Billing Bureau (CBB) for managing all aspects of billing
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