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Submarine Cable Services

Maintenance Service

Maintenance & Improvement: The owners of an ACMAcable that considers maintenance work, such as burial/re-burial or Surveys, which may reduce its susceptibility to faults canrequest Management Committee approval for such work to be conducted by an Agreement ship in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions. One of the key benefits for undertaking this work through ACMA is that the cable requesting the work would only pay the daily running costs of the shiprather than the spot day rates that would have to be incurred on the open market.


A Maintenance Authority requiring an operation will notify the Contractor of the service requested. Call-out telephone numbers/e-mail addresses will be provided upon entry to the Agreement, detailing who to contact in the event of a cable fault or emergency situation.

An ACMA ship will be selected for the repair, loaded with the necessary spares in order to be ready to sail within 24-hours. When dealing with a submarine cable repair, time is of essence. ACMA assures industry standard key performance indicators are included within the contract to ensure cables are repaired in the shortest time possible.


Depot facilities for storage of operational spares at the Portland, Brest, Bermuda and Curacao base ports are available under the contract, with listed storage rates for each of the depots.
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